Technology in the HVAC Industry

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Throughout the 38 years The BP Group has been in existence we have seen technological advances take our industry and world by storm, allowing us to stay connected through a multitude of sources. We are now able to do things quickly and most importantly, more efficiently. With these advancements businesses have been able to increase their productivity in more cost effect ways that can help both them and their customers. After all, saving time usually saves money in the long run.

The HVAC industry has gone through many approaches that at one point were considered the best approach. Technology is ever changing, which now allows for more creative approaches to energy conservation and building efficiency. New Technology has allowed for integration and consistency between systems which increases building performance and HVAC systems performance while decreasing the possibility of system failures. By having integrated systems, which offers control from one interface, it creates the opportunity for more aggressive heating and cooling when the first employee enters the office. The interface can then switch over to a low power state when the last employee leaves. This process results in savings that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Prevalent technology used in the construction industry benefits the customer just as much as it does the company. Quicker recovery times for systems means clients are no longer left out in the cold. If a system goes down generally the wait time would be much longer before remote access technology and Sensaphone alerts in real-time.

With Delta controls systems The BP Group’s Integrated Building Technologies division is able to monitor and sometimes fix errors remotely, without having to send a technician out to the site to make adjustments. Analytics help find opportunities to conserve energy on a day to day basis. Smarter equipment provides the customer with security in knowing that we are able to make adjustments at any time. This frees our clients up to focus on their everyday tasks.

The evolving technology in the HVAC industry caters to increasingly creative, cost-effective approaches. This is just the beginning of the new age. The BP Group continues to improve the technology we use, ultimately improving building efficiency. We strive to consistently modernize our equipment. As buildings and HVAC systems evolve our team will be at the pinnacle of innovative solutions.


Teamwork After 5 PM

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Teamwork is a selfless and conscious effort to complete a task or reach a goal. We often overlook the importance of team work inside and outside the walls of our work place. When two or more gather to accomplish one common goal the art of companionship is formed if even for minutes, hour, days or years. Each Thursday night, a group of BP staff extend their communal efforts to the basketball court. Each individual, regardless of their sport experience and skill, make impactful contributions to their team. During these games it is discovered that sometimes the smallest efforts make a great impact on the outcome of the game. All players assert themselves in one way or another. Sportsmanship and encouragement has been seen to prevail in the face of defeat and success. Not only does Thursday night basketball help these staff members to learn more about each other, but also allows them the opportunity to get out into the community and congregate with influential people who play a role in keeping our youth involved in the right things after their school day.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” ­­Andrew Carnegie

Camaraderie outside of the work place help us to grow our relationship and discover human connections aside from our careers. When our staff members share their passion it allows for personal growth, respect and appreciation.

At BP we battle for and within our team for 40+ hours during the week, on Thursday nights, for 60 minutes those resilient efforts within the office transcend to the sport of basketball. Young, old, short or tall. Collective efforts ultimately create true achievement.

At BP, whether on the basketball court, within the walls of our offices or in the region of New York City, our teams come together for one common goal, to win. When one wins, we all reap the benefits of their success.