Proud to be the Recipient of the E. Robert Kent Award

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Dennis Shuman, Steve Heiderstadt, Robert Barbera, John Losey, John Fanneron, Steve Dawson

We’re proud members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), and even more proud since receiving the E. Robert Kent Award. The E. Robert Kent Award is for acknowledging management ideas that help companies and their profits grow, which is exactly what The BP Group team did. With the goal of providing high quality services to our clients, we built a business management tool called PIPES. PIPES stands for process, information, portal, enabling, success. It’s capable of streamlining processes, improving employee practices and providing customers with a consistent experience. Each capability matches who we are as a company, innovative and committed to customer satisfaction. The combination of collaborating with ATX Advisory Services and working off of the MCAA planning for profitability framework, resulted in a tool that can lead employees through important procedures, eliminate redundant processes, help on-board and train employees, and increase accountability.

PIPES is rooted in Microsoft technologies, making it easily maintainable and cross platform compatible. The innovative makeup of this tool allows for increased productivity and cost-effectiveness, two crucial factors in today’s competitive market. The BP Group has grown significantly through the years, and strives to keep growing. Sometimes it takes going back to the basics to create something new. Today’s technology and MCAA’s original principals has created an inspiring and award winning tool, literally.

John Losey, Robert Barbera, John Fanneron, and Steven Heiderstadt were present to accept the award, and two other special guests made an appearance as well. Retired NBA player Shaquille O’Neal and American singer-songwriter and actress Sheryl Crow took some pictures with our very own. 


If you’re interested in viewing the entire workflow of your business, download BP PIPES. It’s available to all MCAA members for free. It’s just a download away.



Celebrate Earth Day With Sustainable Solutions

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BP Green

Today is Earth Day, a day for celebrating our planet and supporting environmental protection. Here at The BP Group, we celebrate every day through BP Sustainable Solutions. Sustainable Solutions is designed to increase energy-efficiency in commercial, residential and institutional properties throughout the New York metropolitan area. The services provided include auditing building systems, assessing building operations and identifying sustainable alternatives, all in which provide building owners and managers with the knowledge of which areas of the building need improvement. These improvements will result in cost savings, but most importantly, energy savings.

When it comes to alternative solutions, our experts look into mechanical systems, chillers, lighting, boilers, water efficiency, windows, thermostats, and other areas of energy loss to find the best way to lower the energy being consumed. When it comes down to it, there are many alternative solutions that can be put into place to protect our planet, not just when it comes to HVAC systems. A switch as simple as changing your outdoor lighting to solar powered lighting can make a significant impact.

The BP Group has that “green” mentality, and it stays with us long beyond Earth Day. We will continue to do our part and contribute to our planet by using “green” products and LEED compliance. Take action today to protect our planet!


Exciting Updates Cater to an Innovative Culture

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BP Group website redesign

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. Visit us at to experience the new updates. The site’s new homepage features a beautiful, live time lapse of New York City. We found this to be a creative way to let our visitors know that not only are we based in New York City, but we are proud of the city we service each day.

We strive to make our HVAC resources easily accessible from each division to our customers. We wanted “easily accessible” to reflect on our website as well. Faster, easier to navigate, and more user‐friendly.

As leaders in mechanical HVAC and building optimization it is important for us to provide innovative solutions to help your building perform its best. We find it important for the information on our website regarding solutions and services to be easily accessible for our current and prospective clients, while done in a creative fashion. Clicking on our services from the homepage will bring viewers directly to our divisions where they can learn more about the solutions each provides.

We also wanted to give our clients an opportunity to know us better and who we are as a company. By clicking on the menu button on the upper right hand corner you will see the navigation bar where you can easily select the division or information of interest, or browse each one at a time. Below in the menu bar our social media sites are easy to access. Each social platform gives you a backstage pass to the BP group family. Pick your favorite social media or all, engage with our posts and enjoy learning more about our company.

Our team has worked hard to create a better way for you to enjoy your visiting experience. With rich and accurate information, services at your finger tips and eye pleasing graphics we endeavor to innovate from our website to your buildings performance. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the industry and look forward to hearing any feedback from you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Enjoy!


Turning Tragedy to Triumph

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Tragedy to triumph with team TeamGr8Dads

Positivity breeds happiness. This happiness transcends through the individuals we come across throughout our lifetime. Our technician, William Edwards has decided to make a difference in not only his daughters lives but single, striving fathers alike.

The movement is called TeamGr8Dads. The TeamGr8Dads movement started with the combination of William’s hobby printing and pressing T­shirts and being a single parent of two girls.

Tragedy to triumph with team TeamGr8DadsWhen asked how and why this organization was formed William went on to say, “When my wife passed away six years ago, I was forced to find the strength within to take care of my two young girls alone. In the digital day and age we live in social media has allowed the chance for people to see a little of me first hand, the day­-to-­day things that I do with my girls, how I interact with them through videos and photos. People stamped me a great dad for things I was doing before my wife passed. Although I feel I’m an amazing father, I know there are others out there struggling each day just like me. With the TeamGr8Dads movement it’s more so a way of motivating, strengthening, and building our future and present parents. I sell hats and shirts to finance my annual Father’s Day BBQ and when people wear the hats and shirts they feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. In the future I hope to expand my ideas to mentoring workshops for single fathers/parents. The bottom line is, it’s just a positive movement for uplifting people”.

It takes courage to turn the negatives into positives. By salvaging the experiences that we hold close we find the strength to continue our journey.

Show your support by following the TeamGr8Dads Facebook page at “Teamgreight” where you can learn more about the organization.

We applaud William Edwards for his inspirational, selfless efforts to contribute to greater good.