Our Special Projects Group Finds the Solution You Need

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The BP Group’s Special Projects Group (SPG) is a one stop shop for clients. Its goal is to take pressure off of clients who need unique support for challenges that don’t fit under the traditional service umbrella. SPG will meet the needs of the clients they are working with which eliminates the chain of processes a machine endures when going through a larger organization.

SPG increases our range of services that cater to building efficiency, and gives our clients a seamless experience with a company and practitioners they already trust. The main focus is on building mechanical projects while finding specified design solutions that meet the needs of that project.

“I write this letter at Mrs. Wrightsman’s request to inform you that the air conditioning system at 820 Fifth Avenue has been working perfectly for the past year! This is a result of the conscientious and diligent effort that BP Air conditioning provided in remedying the issues that plagued comfort for years. Mrs. Wrightsman is so delighted with BP.” – Jayne Wrightsman, Wrightsman Residence

Building relationships has been a trademark of BP since its very beginnings. Robert Barbera and John Losey have instilled this principle company-wide. Servant leadership is the foundation of the BP brand and the SPG is an extension of that sentiment.

SPG has worked up an impressive client portfolio with top names, including iHeartMedia, Verizon, Och-Ziff Capital Management and many others, as the reputation of their quality of work improves and expands. “SPG’s ultimate goal is to provide its customers with a complete and seamless experience from walk-through to project completion,” states Jeffrey Pleszewicz, SPG Project Executive. “This small group makes up for its size with its dedication to each customer and promises to be at the customer’s side throughout the entire experience to guide them through every project.”

The BP Group strives to produce excellence throughout each of its divisions. From HVAC construction and special projects, HVAC service, building controls and insulation we stand as one to create the versatility required for efficient building performance.

To learn what the SPG and the BP Group can do for you, contact us at (718) 383-2100


Warehouse Warrior

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Warehouse Warrior | The BP Group
Channeling one’s inner focus is a difficult art to master. Ultimately, it takes patience and persistence to aid in the journey to achieve things we once believed we could not. The road to triumph for Jorge Beltran, a member of The BP Group’s warehouse staff, started at 280 lbs. While Jorge’s daily activities in the warehouse consist of constant movement and lifting, he wanted to get into better shape. Being a former U.S. Marine, Jorge’s drive and determination urged him to change his lifestyle for the better.

“Muay Thai, it’s more than just sport, it’s a way of life”.WarehouseWarrior1_Small (1)

On his journey to a healthier lifestyle, Jorge found a new way of life known as Muay Thai. A form of hard martial arts practiced in large parts of the world, Muay Thai was what Jorge choose to focus his energies on.

Muay Thai is known as “The Art of the Eight Limbs”, as the hands, shins, elbows and knees are all used extensively. A practitioner of Muay Thai has the ability to execute strikes using all eight points of contact, as opposed to the two points (fists) in Western boxing.

An added benefit to Jorge’s Muay Thai practice was his renewed flexibility. Muay Thai has become a welcome release to Jorge. Frustration, anxiety, and even anger can be channeled into positive outcomes.

He has been practicing Muay Thai for 4 months and anticipates an endless journey of betterment. Currently, he weighs in at 230 lbs, with his goal of 170 lbs already in sight. Jorge’s ultimate goal is to compete in the national competition at the end of the year.

We wish Jorge success on this road to self-discipline and a healthy lifestyle.