When Emergency Strikes

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When Emergency Strikes (1)

Emergency HVAC failures can strike at any time, and any time can be considered the worst time. Failures can leave you in a panic and your building tenants uncomfortable. System failures don’t happen spontaneously; they are usually caused by unattended issues. Much like a car, when problems with an HVAC system are neglected, other parts within the system are forced to work harder to compensate for the failure. This puts unnecessary pressure on the system.

Preventing Emergencies

“Preparation is the key to success”
The best way to prevent any failures is to keep a consistently maintained system. Preventative maintenance allows us to offer the most efficient HVAC maintenance services for our clients. Using modern technology and trending data, we are able to predict system downtime before it would normally happen. Showing the foresight to take preventative steps maximizes efficiency.

Trust BP to Keep You Up and Running

BP offers fully customized HVAC maintenance programs and commercial HVAC repair for each client based on individual needs. We want to continually increase your confidence in our tailored maintenance program by ensuring exceptional service each time we enter your building or pick up the phone. The BP Group is equipped with the solutions your building needs to prevent or fix emergency system failures. Our trusted team of technicians are the first response to your HVAC building needs.
Give us a call. If we are already providing your service, remember to recommend us to your colleagues.


Go Green With Insulation

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Greenhouse gas emissions have long been the conversation as it pertains to effects on the environment. Today’s fast paced world requires the constant use of energy, but we don’t realize how often we take natural resources for granted.

insulation2When it comes to energy efficiency and your building performance requirements, insulation plays an important role. Insulation is not only an economic advantage; it offers environmental benefits as well. In fact, insulation is a proven means for saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing efficiency to provide unrivaled ROI’s.

Legacy Insulation is a division of The BP Group consisting of trained and certified insulation technicians who pride themselves on delivering cost efficient and environmentally friendly systems.

According to the National Insulation Association (NIA), one would need to plant roughly 46 trees to achieve the same CO2 reductions achievable by insulating 1 foot of 350° pipe. In that case, insulation is “greener” than trees themselves.

Besides energy efficiency and environmental protection, insulation is important to the welfare of your building.

In the NYC climate we live in, summer heat waves can leave poorly insulated buildings susceptible to:

  •      Mold – Can deteriorate a building while posing as a health threat for people in the occupied space.
  •      Condensation – Incorrect installation creates the opportunity for condensation problems to start as soon as the insulation is installed, especially at the insulation joints.
  •      Contact burns from pipes – exposed piping without proper insulation can heat up to over 350° and become a danger to those working on or around equipment.

insulation3We can agree that the benefits of insulation are often overlooked and underutilized by commercial and industrial facilities despite the savings potential and environmental welfare.

We challenge you to commit your facility to environmental protection in every way that you can. While doing so, you also save money and protect your greatest investment: your employees. Insulation is an easy way to start or continue your facilities’ economical and environmental trend.