Refrigerant in an HVAC System

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Things are cooling down, which is a sure sign that it’s time to give your HVAC units a little TLC. Spring and fall pre-checkups are crucial to the performance of your units when the frigid temperatures are upon us.

When it comes to your HVAC refrigerant charge, slight differentials can cost big in the long run due to decreased efficiency. An inefficient system will have to ultimately work harder to produce even minimal results.

If a leak is detected in your system, the efficiency drops significantly. Fluids that are needed for you system to properly function can be drained. Not only does a leak cause a decrease in performance and efficiency, it also leads to more serious issues occurring down the line. Leaks place extra strain on the compressor to do its job.

Let’s take a step back and focus on three key functions of HVAC refrigerant:

Heat Transfer: The evaporator transfers heat into the refrigerant; the refrigerant transfers that heat to the condenser.

Compressor Cooling: As refrigerant flows across the compress, it also removes heat of compression, mechanical friction, and other heat absorbed during the process.

Compressor Lubrication: Refrigerant provides the compressor with lubrication to avoid harmful friction.

It’s important to keep your refrigerant in good standing; the life of your HVAC system depends on it.

Staying in the loop with refrigeration phase-out.

In 2014, the EPA ruled to phase out R-22 Refrigerant. Due to the harmful impact it can have on both the planet and the human body, the EPA is taking steps to protect the two assets. If your system is running on R-22 refrigerant and leaks have been spotted, ask our trusted technicians if it’s time to replace your system to meet future requirements.


New Technology to End Parking Woes

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New York City parking has doomed its drivers to circle blocks in search of parking spaces to continue their daily routine. Commercial drivers especially are seeing an increase in the time it takes to find parking spots to get their job done in a timely manner. This issue will only continue to get worse.

As a company that constantly uses technology and witnesses the benefits of the right technology, we’ve decided to focus some of our efforts on easing the everyday stress our drivers face when zipping around the busy city to service our clients.

In order to improve, we have to continuously look for new ways to foster increased efficiency of our employees, which ultimately affects our clients. We are partnering with SpotPog, which is an innovative mobile app that allows drivers to swap parking spots through an interactive map. This is a pilot program which will allow drivers of commercial vehicles to exchange street spots, saving them time and money while reducing traffic congestion and the pollution it causes for all New Yorkers.

spotpog2SpotPog allows drivers to seamlessly exchange street parking spots for free by connecting them through the app. The benefits to the commercial industry – whose plumbers, electricians, delivery people and other workers frequently lose time and miss appointments circling for parking – could be huge. That is why we are implementing the mobile app within The BP Group organization, allowing our drivers and technicians to swap parking spots all over New York City.

We will consciously make every stride to cater to the needs of our clients and employees.

“Working Together, Winning Together”