HVAC/R: A Sleeper in Today’s Market

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There is no doubt that HVAC see’s lack of marketing worldwide, however, in such concentrated areas such as NYC, marketing is essential for any business (especially HVAC/R). Companies marketing in NYC typically struggle because they face such high competition, are in diverse areas, and fail to meet certain financial demands. However, with the direction branding and marketing is going, there are countless strategies and methods that are emerging and continue to emerge. Not to mention all the implications technology has had on both the industry and the market. Here at BP we are open to carrying out new ideas or strategies that could benefit us, which could potentially be the future of HVAC marketing!

Let’s not forget the immense global HVAC systems market, which is expected to reach $173.16 billion, by 2020, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 5.9 percent between 2016 and 2022. (Markets and Markets) There is such a colossal market for HVAC/R, because of supply and demand, companies simply need it to run a successful business, which explains the lack of marketing in the industry. Substantially, HVAC and HVAC maintenance will be everlasting, and constantly revolutionizing. While the market is drastically increasing for HVAC/R, the marketing aspect is struggling to keep up. As a result, The BP Group is eagerly awaiting young and experienced employees who are interested in utilizing state of the art technology and newer strategies to prepare for this upcoming splurge.

Anyone who works at BP understands it’s all about relationships, not only with the clients, but with each other. In fact, to most employees BP is a second family. Being in a community with such high levels of trust is essential to the office being both productive and entertaining at the same time. In addition, there is a gym (personal trainer included) along with countless events held outside the office, one being Tough Mudder, which enhance the overall attitude and chemistry of the employees.

If you believe you have what it takes to join an idea driven company seeking to expand efforts in the marketing and business development field, don’t hesitate to send us a quick email with your resume to info@bpgroup.com. Lastly, if marketing is not an area of interest, don’t miss the chance to take your career to the next level by checking out our careers page (https://www.bpgroup.com/careers/) for future job postings.


Continuous improvement from humble beginnings

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In 1978, BP Air Conditioning was started in a Bronx apartment, it wasn’t until ten years ago, that the BP Group finalized their first office expansion. Since then, the Corporation has seen nothing but rapid progress and development. In fact, the very next year was a milestone for BP: the first $50 million-dollar year. However, this did not change the main ambition of the BP group, to ensure customer satisfaction. With the introduction to more advanced technology, the market has drastically changed, creating an increase in both the variety of products and the overall competitiveness in the market. As seen today, this is not a characteristic BP is lacking, there are many key factors and products BP utilizes to hold it’s reputation as a leader in commercial HVAC maintenance.

One thing BP takes pride in is continuing a style of creating a family atmosphere in the work place. This is not only essential in maintaining relationships, but it is also for creating a work community that helps, cares, and trusts one another. This both increases productivity of workers as well as ensuring that clients are more comfortable about joining the BP family. BP wants to make it clear, if we are in a relationship together, we will always be by your side!

Although the BP group is approaching the 40-year anniversary of enhancing mechanical performance, we are the least bit outdated. In fact, our team is always revolutionizing and anticipating new technology that can potentially influence the market. For example, both Legacy Insulation and Integrated Building Technologies have been launched to integrate more services into BP operations, creating a stronger relationship between BP and the customer. Additionally, BP has utilized state of the art technology and programs such as XO Eyeglasses, PIPES, Bid Tracer, and updating refrigerants that are current in regards to protecting the ozone.

BP Implements Smart Glasses-

XO Eye’s communication platform helps to harness the power of real-time video, audio communication, and content sharing to unlock business opportunities and boost revenue. It allows technicians to virtually connect with each of their team members to obtain the best and most accurate information. Information can quickly be sent, received and reviewed using a cloud database.


The award-winning PIPES system, created by BP, is an innovative management and technology tool designed to streamline processes. New programs such as Bid Tracer work to enhance the overall PIPES objectives making the whole process a lot more efficient and accurate. Specifically, bid tracer has worked to create digital bid management, invitation management, and project management tools which in return, have aided in fulfilling streamline processes, improving employee practices, and most importantly providing customers with a consistent/ accurate experience.

EPA and refrigerants/ozone-

Due to the new regulations set by the EPA on ozone-depleting refrigerants, companies like The BP Group are now offering environmentally friendly solutions to provide the same results with safer effects. By January 1, 2020, 99.5% of HCFCs consumption will be reduced. Understanding this situation is essential for BP, being aware that chemicals such as R-22 are no longer being used is essential in regards to considering safer alternatives for clients in the future.
To say the least, BP has excelled at keeping up, and at times even staying ahead of the fast-paced technology that is controlling the HVAC and refrigerant market. The BP Group has been up to date with all technological advances pertaining to the market all while staying loyal to the client.