Synergy Solution Group, Leads You To Another Stage

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The BP Group attended a Leadership Forum on October 8-11th at the Woolley Classic Suites with other 63 attendees. The three-and-a-half-day program is hosted by Synergy Solution Group and it kicked off with speaker Matt Todd from Pac Crest Business Engineering (PCBE) and his program How to Be a Great Boss Through Leadership, Management, and Accountability. Eight mentors and four millennial mentors worked with a small group of attendees to facilitate discussions based on Matt’s topics and shared their years of industry and leadership experience.

All participants have learnt a lot about different leadership, management, accountability tools and received the results from a 360-degree peer feedback survey. The mentors worked with each attendee to understand their survey results and created an individual action plan to help with their personal leadership goals and objectives.

Furthermore, The BP Group has held several meetings at the corporate office with Synergy Solution Group members and peers. Harmandeep Singh, vice president of Brady, the leading supplier of Trane Integrated Comfort Solutions and services for commercial and industrial buildings in North Carolina.

He visited The BP Group on October 18th and had a great meeting with Jack Fanneron (President), Jonathan Giaramita(CFO), and Rudy Singh (Vice-President of Integrated Building Technologies). He shared ideals of “smart building” system management and Brady’s unique marketing strategy. It was a valuable experience for The BP Group and Brady to learn from each other and grow together. On October 23rd, The BP Group had another initial meeting with synergy members to share organizational structure of Synergy Solution Group and Mitsubishi.

In the past two months, The BP Group has been actively inviting and hosting Synergy Solution Group Members. We are also actively joining the synergy group events nationwide. The BP Group believes the strength of team and looks forward to more future opportunities!





Legionnaires’ Outbreak

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The recent media magnification of the Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a company whose goal is to service our clients both effectively and efficiently, we feel it is within our duty to ensure we raise awareness and further provide information about Legionnaires’ Disease and prevention action plans.

What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

“Legionnaires’ Disease, or Legionellosis, is a severe infection caused by Legionella species, primarily L. pneumophila. In fact, L. pneumophila is responsible for 90% of infections.” (

What are the symptoms of Legionnaires’ Disease?

“The disease usually develops 2-10 days after exposure to the bacteria. Signs and symptoms may include: headache, muscle pain, chills, fever (of 104° or higher), cough which may bring up mucus and sometimes blood, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion or other mental changes.” (

In order to provide guidance to building owners and managers and those involved in the design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and service of centralized building water systems, the ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 was created. The intent of this risk management plan set forth through ASHRAE Standard is to apply risk management dynamics as a means to lessen the probability of the disease at your facility. It is with great concern we advise you to construct and move forward with a widespread and strong legionella management defense plan.

We at BP hold the ability to create and provide you with a defense plan that can be put in motion immediately. Call or email your BP representative to start the water management plan process. Your safety and well being is our main concern!