Introducing Sustainable Building Solutions to Impact Your Bottom-Line

BP Sustainable Solutions was founded to provide building owners, managers, and tenants with a single-source energy consulting, engineering, procurement, and construction resource designed to increase energy-efficiency in commercial, residential and institutional properties throughout the New York metropolitan area.


Our knowledgeable team works besides building owners and managers to identify areas for improved building systems operations and increased efficiencies, ultimately resulting in cost-savings for building owners and operators. Through its mechanical and service divisions, BP Mechanical and BP Air display a stellar track-record serving the real estate and development community. The real estate community views us based on past experience as a critical source of comprehensive knowledge and experience retrofitting building systems, allowing owners to re-commission or retrofit mechanical systems to provide significant cost savings.

Our Strategy:

  • Initiation of customer savings based on the application of identifying sustainable alternatives.
  • Audit your building systems
  • Create an assessment of building operations
  • Identify sustainable alternatives based on mechanical systems, chillers, lighting, boilers, water efficiency, windows, thermostats, and other areas for energy-loss
  • Develop a building-specific energy-efficiency plan
  • Customize a comprehensive or phased approach to upgrade building systems
  • Create financing alternatives for work to be completed now and in the future
  • Process tax incentives for building owners to achieve greater savings
  • Sustainable systems installation and equipment upgrading
  • Retrofit and maintain your new building systems
  • Measuring energy cost savings and value of energy-efficient systems and technology

Our expert team has proven to be reliable and we have contributed to Urban Green Council GPRO curriculum for contractors operation the New York region and we are members of the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition, we have contributed to and are associated with the following LEED certified projects:

  • Columbia Faculty House
  • Lehman College New Science Facility
  • West LB
  • Itochu at 335 Madison Avenue
  • BMCC/Fiterman Hall