Be the change you want to see in the world

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With so much bad happening in the world it’s unfortunately become uncommon to hear about positive impacts people are making. It’s up to us, as a society, to magnify those who do good in the world and spread their message with hopes to inspire others. In order to be a part of a positive life you must remember to show up in every moment like you’re meant to be there. Be an encourager instead of a critic because the world has enough of those. Put your focus on those less fortunate and help make their lives better.

When someone inspires you, let them know their story has made a difference in your life and help spread their message. Steven Whang, a BP employee professionally, and body builder personally, has inspired us with his kind heart and spiritual soul. Whang journeyed to Kazakhstan with hopes to help those less privileged. He participated in missionary work, building basketball courts, houses, schools, etc. His selfless acts helped make a better life for underprivileged children. In the bodybuilding world, Steven’s journey to Kazakhstan gave him mental and spiritual strength.

Whang’s theory of mental belief has been his motivator throughout his bodybuilding career. A lack of results never steered him away from his goal as his mental state of mind had a driving force of determination that kept him moving forward. At the age of 21, Steven’s belief in God led him into a fulfilling journey of missionary work. Through spiritual experiences he’s faced, he became inspired to help others and better himself along the way.

With an impressive competitive body building record holding many titles along with his missionary work, Steven has become an inspiration to The BP Group. Let it be known, Steven has been successful in his personal life while engaging fully in his professional career. The stress of everyday life hasn’t gotten in the way of his passions or professionalism. Steven is living proof of one of Gandhi’s most famous quotes, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Let Steven’s story inspire you to focus on what makes you feel good while bettering others in the world. We wish Steven the best on his upcoming trip to Guatemala in August where he plans to spread love and kindness selflessly.


Refrigerants… What do I need to know?

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Because of the many chemicals that cause major pollution, mandates have been created to protect our ozone layer from further damage. “In 1992 the Montreal Protocol was amended to establish a schedule for the phase-out of HCFCs. HCFCs are less damaging to the ozone layer than other chemicals, but still contain ozone-destroying chlorine.” (

HCFC-22 is also more commonly known as R-22. R-22 has been the most popular choice for refrigerants for commercial heat pumps and air conditioning systems for many decades. Unfortunately, the releases of R-22 and similar products have contributed considerably to global warming. Due to the phase out of these ozone-depleting refrigerants, companies like The BP Group are now offering environmentally friendly solutions to provide the same results with safer effects. By January 1, 2020, 99.5% of HCFCs consumption will be reduced. By this time, manufacturers will no longer be allowed to produce chemicals such as R-22.

Units created after 2010 cannot use the chemical R-22. The EPA has reviewed and approved some effective alternatives for R-22, such as such as 410-A and 407-C, for both household and commercial units. In years to come we expect there will be many viable resources that will work more efficiently than the R-22.

Be sure when you begin transitioning away from R-22 that you remember the following:

  • Select a dependable vendor
  • Technicians working on your unit are EPA-Certified to handle refrigerants
  • If you’re making the transition into a new unit, purchase a high energy efficient system

If you have any questions about R-22 and transitioning please call The BP Group. It is our mission to deliver, perform, and save our customers money!