The Money Saving Benefits of Coil Cleaning

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The approaching warm weather heralds the hardest season for your HVAC system. The change in temperature causes an increased amount of pressure on your system. Because of this, measures should be taken so the transition between seasons is as smooth as possible. Cleaning your system’s coils ensures that your HVAC system isn’t overloaded by heavy-duty work. Clean coils allow the system to save energy. Not only that, but with proper maintenance, clean coils will also perform better and for a longer lifetime. Take advantage of preventative maintenance.

Haven’t had maintenance done on your HVAC system in a while? Don’t wait until something goes wrong; fix the problem before it can happen. Be proactive with a preventative maintenance plan to give yourself some peace of mind.

If you’re worried about expenses, then worry no more. Preventative maintenance saves money for you in the long run. The alternative is expensive, large-scale repairs because your system wasn’t properly maintained. Comparing these options makes your decision easy.

At the BP Group, we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients, and on the knowledge we use to increase the efficiency of your system’s performance.

Take a look at these reasons why coil cleaning is an important part of your system’s performance.



Learning Never Exhausts the Mind

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Education is something that never stops. With each opportunity presented to learn and become better our team is front and center, ready to take on the challenges. Technology and technique are ever changing in our industry and the world alike. To be front runners and trailblazers when putting these two to use we must first be educated, trained and tested.

Recently, members from our Integrated Building Technologies (IBT) division took training to expand their education. These trainings highlighted an array of ways to conserve energy through the use of building controls systems. Delta corporation, an IBT partner, carried out this five­ day training in Canada. During these five days, participants learned about programming sequences and techniques to better their application engineering. Theory and lab classes gave our IBT members the opportunity to participate in designing systems based on sequence of operations that were given by mentors in the classroom.

The event was brought to a close with the acknowledgment of each participant. Our team members, Robert Barbera Jr. and Param Persuad, received their Delta GCL+ certificates.

Often times we overlook the importance of training during the course of our careers. Training is fundamental to a business and individual development of knowledge and culture. The training process molds the thinking of employees and leads to quality performance of employees. It is continuous and never ending in nature.

The BP Group will continue to seek new opportunities for our business and employees to learn and develop with rapidly changing technology and techniques.

Congratulations to our men of IBT for their will and enthusiasm to learn and develop. Knowledge for us means solutions for our clients.


A Star in the Making

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Allie Hitting (1)-69714

Bases are loaded, who do you want up to bat? 15­ year ­old Allie Stanya might just be your best bet. Allie, daughter of BP technician Derek Stanya, plays softball in a league of her own. How amazing it is to have found your passion at just 15 years of age. Allie currently plays at Babylon High School. During the summer months she plays under 18 elite travel softball. This young lady is a dedicated individual who has been putting up quite impressive numbers on the field. Below are some of her stats as a freshman.

As a freshman last year:

Derek and Allie Edit1

  • All County
  • 2nd Team All Long Island
  • Small School’s Pitcher of the Year
  • Conference Pitcher of the Year
  • Umpires All Star Award
  • 407 Batting Average
  • 27 RBI’s
  • 20 Stolen Bases
  • 2 Home Runs
  • 15 Doubles


When we asked Derek where Allie gets her unique talent from he said “I’m not sure, she was always into sports from a really young age. The crazy part is, she’s just a teen and hasn’t even developed yet.” Derek is excited for what the future holds for his daughter but believes education must always come first. Allie currently has 5+ colleges and universities scouting her during her games. Stardom at a young age can come with many pressures. Derek looks to be there each step of the way to help Allie with the process. He encourages her to focus on the bigger picture which is doing something she loves and to the best of her ability.

As a pitcher:

  • Team Record 12-3
  • 137 Strikeouts in 92 Innings
  • Threw 2 No-Hitters
  • 1 Perfect Game
  • 6 Shutouts


We put the spotlight on those who are doing extraordinary things. Allie not only excels on the softball field but also in the classroom where it is most important. Her ability to balance her extracurricular activities and schooling in an outstanding manner deserves recognition.


Good or Great Service?

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Freedom tower still

In any service industry what separates one company from another is just that, the ability and willingness to go above and beyond standard service offerings.

Customers should be treated as humans rather than tangible objects that produce a cash value. Some companies tend to look at customers as well oiled machines. As long as you give that machine what it needs, nothing more, nothing less it will in return perform the way it is meant to. The human mind is much more intricate. We have this thing called Impressions. Impressions become opinions and opinions can ultimately transform into beliefs rather quickly. Whether we like it or not what is believed of a company based on “opinion” becomes truth to the masses.

At the BP group we strive to create positive impressions of the services we provide.
The way great service providers separate themselves from good service providers is to do what is not required but appreciated and remembered.

“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.” – Nelson Boswell

fixing the problem and providing service is a must to even be considered. Doing so in a way that allows for clients to feel comfortable and important through presentation adds satisfaction to things that are already a must. The way your employees present themselves to a client can either create a positive or negative impression. The character of a technician becomes transparent with the way he/she treats the customer. The way they are dressed, cleanliness of their uniforms and at times even the condition of their truck.

Customers who are showered in delight often have a better experience. Kind words, gifts and ‘thank you’ cards are all things that contribute to the overall experience while making a customer feel valued. Time is important to all of us. For a customer to know that time is taken to consider actions beyond the original call of duty can go a long way for the reputation of a business.