Steamfitters Local 638 Class of 2018

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Congratulations to Kyle Malcolm & Leeronson Boykin, graduates of the Steamfitters Local Union 638 Class of 2018! BP admires all efforts throughout this rigorous 4-year course. This increases employee credentials and creates more distinct levels of BP’s Commercial HVAC Services. All BP technicians with degrees are now eligible to complete General Pipe Fitting jobs in NYC and Long Island; Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Nassau/Suffolk Counties.

When was it? May 10th, 2018
Where was it? Terrace on the Park in Flushing, NY

2018 technician graduates

technician graduates - class of 2018


Want to work in HVAC: Why BP?

BP understands time management difficulties regarding class attendance and full-time work. To make our technician’s lives easier, BP allows first-year employee-students to utilize one work day per week to complete the class with pay!

ESOP Association

Additionally, BP is a member of the ESOP Association, the Employee Stock Ownership Program. As a result, owners are dedicated to consistently returning profits to employees, to create a safe and trustworthy work environment. Additionally, the BP atmosphere creates a passionate mindset for all employees. In fact, most employees find coming into work enjoyable because BP Executives are consistently attentive to the health, satisfaction, and overall attitude(s).

esop association

Steamfitters Local 638

Steamfitters Local 638 maintains the jurisdiction of general pipe fitting in New York City, including the five boroughs. The school is a combination of local unions representing the Construction Branch and the Metal Trade Services Branch. The Enterprise Association of Steamfitters Local 638 is over 130 years old!

Steamfitters Local 638 Union: History & Formation

Enterprise Association of Steamfitters Local 638 of the United Association was chartered in 1884 under the Knights of Labor as Enterprise Assembly #3189. In 1914 the Enterprise Assembly was formed, it consisted of several different affiliations involving the United Association:

  • Enterprise Association of Steam, Hot Water Hydraulic, Sprinkler, Pneumatic Tube, Ice Machine and General Pipe Fitters of New York
  • Vicinity Local 638
  • Progress Association of Steam, Hot Water and General Pipe Fitters Helpers of New York
  • Vicinity Local 639

Steamfitters New York, NY




US Chiller Services Forms New Partnership

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SMARDT CHILLER Group logoUS Chiller Services partners with SMARDT Chiller


Smardt Chiller and US Chiller Services announced the formation of two new relationships on January 10, 2018, with service provider contracts executed for New York Tri State area and regional Arabian Gulf markets. Both contracts are effective immediately, and give US Chillers priority access to Smardt chiller products and services as well as the award-winning CPECS chiller plant energy optimization technology.

Smardt is the pioneer and world leader in oil-free centrifugal chiller technology, based in Montreal and with additional factories in Stuttgart, Melbourne, New York and Guangzhou. It now has some 7000 Smardt high-efficiency low-maintenance chillers in operation across the globe, and over 900 chiller models on offer from 60 tons to 2500 tons capacity.

US Chiller Services is a global independent large tonnage chiller and energy services company with operations throughout the United States and the Arabian Gulf. US Chiller Services provides specialist services for large tonnage centrifugal chillers, liquid chillers and energy solutions, as well as operation and maintenance services for the district cooling industry. The company specializes in the repair, maintenance, retrofit and service of all OEM makes and models of large tonnage chillers ranging in size from 100 tons to 10,000 tons. It aims to provide unrivaled services and solutions to the liquid chiller, chilled water plant and district cooling plant industry. The company’s approach is to make sure that chillers, chilled water plants and district cooling plants operate at optimum efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and Cost of Chiller Ownership

Driven by global climate change and sustainability concerns, Smardt’s rapid growth reflects increased market focus on energy efficiency and lifetime total cost of chiller ownership. “If you’re a building owner, a Smardt chiller is a no-brainer”, according to US Chillers managing partner Dan Mizesko. “Your lifetime savings in energy costs, maintenance and repair costs compared with older lubricated equipment fall straight to your bottom line, and we’ve seen total plant savings of over 60%”, he said today.

“Our joint opportunities are enormous, with US Chiller Services responsible for hundreds of thousands of tons of aging chiller plants and superb HVAC engineering resources in both New York and the Middle East”, Jared Peters said today. Peters is general manager of Smardt’s growing Solutions division. “And when we drive down HVAC energy consumption together across this big base, improved owner profits last throughout the life of the chiller plant”, he said.

“We’re really excited to be working at last with the Smardt technology, products and solutions”, said Mizesko. “This will make a big contribution to our building owners”.

“This is a new partnership that can be very big for both companies”, said Turbocor founder and Smardt chairman Roger Richmond-Smith, “and together we can drive it a long way”.


US Chiller Services: Dan Mizesko telephone US (347 675 1392) Dubai (+971 50 559 5087) Email:

Smardt Chiller Group Inc.: Roger Richmond-Smith telephone +1 514 577 7371. Email:


BP incorporates “FUN” into their business culture

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Recently, BP has adopted some of the ideas illustrated in the book FISH! by Stephen C. Lundin, by incorporating “fun” into our business culture. “When we come to [work] we bring an attitude. We can bring a moody attitude and have a depressing day. We can bring a grouchy attitude and irritate our coworkers and customers. Or we can bring a sunny, playful, cheerful attitude and have a great day” (Fish!, 2000).

BP management feels it is extremely important to appropriately incorporate fun into their business culture as it is a remarkable way to boost company moral and internal results. The term “fun” does not mean employees have the leniency to lack professionalism during the work day. It simply suggests that any “job” can be made more enthusiastic and energetic by creating memorable moments. Our management team always strives to be present for BP employees and has therefore came together to create “BP Fun Night.” Over time, management has learned in order to achieve results it is important to be present no matter how busy one may be. BP fun night was kicked off with two wonderful events in December 2014 to do something special for our employees in hopes to create a united home-front which will help to create wonderful memories.

BP’s first “fun night” was a 3 on 3 basketball tournament where Stephen Johnston, Willie Edwards and Wayne Francis showed off their athleticism and took home the first place spot! The laughter of our BP family was contagious that night as co-workers mingled, chatted, and showed off their skills! Shortly after our first basketball tournament came BP’s second “fun night,” a cooking class at Sur La Table. Not only do we have HVAC experts at The BP Group, but it turns out we have some chefs in the making as well! There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than exchanging cooking secrets with amazing co-workers and eating some delicious homemade food!

By incorporating “fun” into the mix at The BP Group, it is our intent to host special events within the company to spread enthusiasm throughout and create lasting impressions that will turn into remarkable memories. A company goal we’ve set is to make a positive impact in our employee’s professional lives through productive and encouraging events.


The BP Group named one of ENR’s top 600 Specialty Contractors of 2014

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It is The BP Groups mission to be viewed in the highest regard amongst their clients, staff and industry specialists year after year. The hard work, dedication, and knowledge that is exemplified within our company is outstanding. Engineering News Record recently published 2014’s ENR top 600 Specialty Contractors List one of which was The BP Group.

“ENR attempts to bring structure to an otherwise huge and chaotic construction industry by performing annual surveys of its key segments, and ranking companies engaged in general contracting, specialty contracting, engineering, architecture and environmental services, among other specialties.” (

It is an honorable and humbling moment for The BP Group to be listed as one of the top specialty contractors in the country. As a group, ENR’s list consists of the most reliable and the most successful specialty contractors in the United States. Having our names displayed as number 214 on this list is proof of the uphill recognition, industry expertise, success, and growth, we are experiencing as a company.

After over a solid 35 years of mechanical performance, we still strive to be more successful than the day before. Being recognized as one of the top specialty contractors in the nations will only serve as additional motivation while we drive on the path of continuous customer satisfaction and outstanding performance. As a company, in order to remain on this list, we will continue to invest in our wonderful staff through technology and education. We strive to continuously have our company brand linked to our mission of being a service-oriented company dedicated to providing innovative solutions and world-class service.


BP Spreads Holiday Cheer

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“A merry heart doeth good like medicine” – King Solomon

The holidays are about family, friends, laughter, and happiness. What about those who aren’t so lucky? BP recognizes giving back to those less fortunate is an important factor of fully enjoying all the holiday season has to offer. Toys for Tots is an incredible organization ran by Mercy First that allows members of the community an opportunity to touch the lives of less fortunate children during the holiday months.
Everyone should experience the feeling of holiday joy. The objectives of Toys for Tots is to help those less privileged throughout the United States experience the true blisses of the holiday season. BP employees donate unwrapped gifts throughout the month of December into the Toys for Tots bin in the office lobby, unifying our offices for the common cause of bringing happiness to a child’s life. The filled bin of holiday treats gets picked up right before the Christmas holiday by the organization and then distributed to deserving children bringing them the happiness of the holidays and spreading an overwhelming amount of holiday cheer.

Toys for Tots is an unbelievable organization that The BP Group holds very dear. The organization not only does good for those receiving, but for those giving as well. It is a program that unifies our offices as one aiming to do good for those who could use some extra joy and hope during the holiday season. We at BP are the lucky ones whom over the years had the pleasure of understanding that giving back is a gift anyone can partake in and can be immensely influential and significant to those receiving.