Working with our customers’ satisfaction in mind, BP AIR conducts site surveys prior to an HVAC maintenance contract to ensure material needed, site readiness, HVAC preventative maintenance, and overall proficiency.

It is imperative our technicians obtain information regarding site conditions of units prior to an installation. During a site survey our technicians will need to determine the type of unit, understand exactly what the issue entails by process of elimination, and view access paths to units. A site survey allows BP to get comfortable with a site and prepare for the first maintenance while it enables clients to meet the account manager and build a relationship prior to signing a contract.


The knowledge gained from the surveys conducted ultimately paves the way for an improved HVAC maintenance process. Assessing a site early allows for a better understanding of any issues at stake and is the first essential step of solving those issues. Our HVAC Calculator serves as an excellent preliminary tool for your survey needs.


Download Our HVAC Calculator