Customer Service Representative

Core Responsibilities

  • Create and foster a working relationship with client/facility managers located in your designated zone
  • Attend to client requests for various issues and ensure prompt response and client satisfaction to each request
  • Create and foster an effective relationship with all technicians, with a focus on technicians in your designated zone
  • Coordinate and schedule maintenance inspections, service emergencies, and repairs


Job Functions

  • Maintain communication with each client letting them know when technician is scheduled or receive call from client to generate call. Follow up communication to client at call completion to confirm work performed and ensure client satisfaction
  • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date dispatch board of call statuses and technicians at all times
  • Assign daily work load to service technicians
  • Maintain frequent communication with each of your technicians on a daily basis – at a minimum immediately in the morning and before leaving at the end of the day
  • Ensure the proper input of all call information into Microsoft Dynamics SL to allow for accurate billing and customer, bin and equipment history in accordance with Service Operations Process Flow. There are three reviews :
    • Initial Call Complete Review: All same day
      • Enforce the timely submittal of accurately completed work tickets from technicians
      • Tickets should be reviewed by CSR
      • CSR responsible for providing the Service Supervisor with any calls requiring a proposal generation and then checking the “PW Needed” box in the service call entry screen
      • Any known immediate issues must be brought to the attention of the Service Supervisor
    • Billing Review: Wednesday (noon) and Friday (2pm)
  • Review labor hours to determine if they are within estimated/expected time for both maintenance and repairs.
  • Ensure that parts are listed on calls and properly identified
  • BP Purchase Order should be included in paperwork
  • Ensure that proper equipment is identified on call.
    • If T/M Equipment – send info to accounting for creation and/or possible amendment to contract
      • Each equipment service must have resolution code
      • If customer requests contracts or other services – that should be identified and sent to accounting
      • Ensure notes are legible and correct
      • Attach client PO and/or any e-mail correspondence applicable to call
      • Submit to Accounting for final review and billing
  • PM Closing: Weekly: Tuesday by 2pm, for previous week’s PM
  • Review PM tickets and notes to ensure no T/M work performed
  • Separate into new call for any billable items
  • Change PM call status to approved and submit to accounting for call completion
    • All PMs completed should be approved and submitted by the 5th of the next month
  • Any incomplete PM 12’s in that period need to be identified and closed out within the prescribed time frame
  • Manage “Parts on Order” open calls and schedule service repairs upon receipt of parts/materials required for completion of the job.
  • First escalation of problems to Service Supervisor. CSR is empowered to be the client advocate and should escalate issues, when required, to ensure client satisfaction
  • Responsible for providing technicians with appropriate materials needed for completion of a maintenance or service repair on a regular basis
    • Proactively manage materials required for calls.
  • Perform preparation of payroll for technicians within respective zone
    • Payroll information to be reviewed and completed for previous week every Monday by 2pm.



  • These communications tasks are rotated among CSRs within a given team, each week, as designated by Service Supervisor.
    • Daily: Generate an e-mail to BP-service describing any OT work to be performed that day. Follow up next day at 9am status with OT work from previous day
    • Weekly: Generate an e-mail to BP-service on Friday notifying of OT work over coming weekend and proposals scheduled for following week. Follow up Monday morning at 9am with status of weekend work
  • These communications tasks are rotated among CSRs, each week, as designated by Service Manager.
    • Weekly: Payroll review and creation of summary report to be submitted to corporate payroll and BPAC Exec team for approval
    • Weekly: Generate an e-mail to BP-service regarding on-call foreman/technicians for given week.
  • Daily: Follow-up communication with client after service/maintenance work has been performed
    • Identify that work is complete and if not, identify why it is not completed and when and who at BP will follow up with client.
    • All those responsible at BP for follow-up should be included in communication (sent from CSR) to ensure all parties understand their respective role
  • Bi-Weekly: Participate with Service Manager, Service Supervisor, Accounting, and other service personnel to review open calls and other issues



  • Excellent communication skills
  • Possess the ability to handle multiple issues/problems simultaneously
  • Ability to think strategically, plan and problem solve, plus take responsibility for the coordination of work within your specific region
  • Have excellent client relation skills with the ability to display understanding and confidence
  • Maintain the capacity to work in a team setting


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