BP Mechanical & BP Air

Is there a difference between BP Mechanical and BP Air Conditioning?
Yes. BP Mechanical is the construction division and BP Air Conditioning is the service and maintenance division.

Service Areas

What territories does The BP Group service?
The Tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).

PM Contracts

What are the benefits of having a PM Contract for my HVAC units?
All HVAC units are sophisticated machines with numerous electrical components and moving parts. Much like any machine, they need to be cared for to insure steady proper operations. Most units have filters that need to be changed regularly, belts that need to be checked and tested, contactors that need to be checked, condensate pumps that need to be cleaned and tested. Water cooled units should have strainer baskets that need to be cleaned regularly. In our experience, customers with steady PM Contracts and visits, experience far fewer service calls, issues, and associated repairs than those who do not.

I just received a proposal to chemically clean my condenser coil. Isn’t that covered in my PM Contract?
During a normal PM, our technicians will manually clean the condenser coil with a hard wire brush, effectively removing any surface dirt or debris. The condenser coils are fairly thick. Much of the debris travels further into the coil than the surface. A chemical cleaning uses a high pressure power washer with chemicals to blast the coil, removing most if not all debris that may be clogging the coil and disrupting air transfer through it. Most manufacturers recommend a chemical cleaning at least once a year depending on location of the unit and frequency of use, usually in the Spring before the warmer months approach. This action will help reduce service calls related to high pressure issues, especially during the summer months.


HVAC – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
FCU – Fan Coil Unit
FPB – Fan Powered Box
AHU – Air Handling Unit
CU – Condensing Unit
VAV – Variable Air Volume
VFD – Variable-Frequency Drive