With over 35 years of HVAC maintenance experience, The BP Group is dedicated to delivering quality service to all clients. In order to keep clients’ HVAC systems running efficiently and safely, The BP Group provides the knowledgeable and skilled technicians to do check ups and preventative maintenance.

Annual maintenance is very important for any HVAC system owner. It’s recommended that maintenance takes place in the fall, in preparation for the winter weather. It’s best to plan ahead and have your HVAC system serviced before the weather changes. The cold temperatures present challenges for heating units, especially those in large commercial buildings. The process of winterization will aid in decreasing these unwanted difficulties. Winterization is the process in which BP technicians take special steps to prepare our client assets for the severe weather conditions. Secure your HVAC this winter!

The Winterization Process:

Upgrading of system if needed: A complete check up should be done to see if any of the equipment needs updating or fixing.

Calibration of controls: All controls should be tested for accuracy in order to work efficiently with its component. If not, energy would be wasted.

Insulation and heat tracing of pipes and sprinklers in exterior rooms such as MER to minimize exposure: Pipes need to be insulated properly to prevent freezing.

Benefits of Winterization:

Prevent future unneeded maintenance and repair/energy costs: Without regular maintenance, an HVAC owner is at risk for unwanted and unexpected damages.

Less energy overall will be used, which is more sustainably responsible: The BP Group is dedicated to the environment and is “LEED” compliant.

Those living or working in the building will have a comfortable environment, such as better air quality and comfortable temperatures: Setting the temperature to the majority’s choice for the winter months can be done, as well as checking for any leaks that will affect air quality. Ensuring comfortability and safety is a priority.

Prevent potential flooding: The BP Group technicians will look for any leaks and/or flooding risks.

Prevent pipes from freezing: Shutting down exterior water systems and insulating the pipes.

Protection of assets: Damages to an HVAC system could also put assets at risk.

Keep HVAC system running efficiently and longer: By having annual maintenance, the HVAC system will be up-to-date and clean. This will ensure that the system remains working properly.

The BP Group cares about the wellness of your HVAC system and the home or building that surrounds it. Not only do we aim to provide the services an HVAC system needs, we aim to educate our clients on what procedures need to be taken in order to maintain it. A BP Group technician will winterize your heating system. Get in touch with The BP Group to speak to a professional and set up an hvac preventative maintenance plan for your HVAC system!