Service Technician

A Service Technician is expected and equipped to handle all work relating to mechanical service, maintenance, and repair/replacement of all air conditioning, heating, ventilating, building automation, refrigeration, plumbing and/or piping system. Including any newly installed, remodeled or redesigned mechanical piping systems and components thereof. Also included but not limited to, boilers, pumps, refrigeration equipment, fans, coils, cooling towers and controls. Service, repair and maintenance, shall include but not limited to, all the maintaining, adjusting, repairing, altering, overhauling, dismantling reconditioning, replacing, modifying, renovating, evacuating, charging, inspecting, operating, starting, calibrating and balancing of any system or component parts thereof. Regardless of size or location including all other service and maintenance work assigned to the employee by the employer in operating facilities.


A service technician scope of work shall include service repair and maintenance as described above on the following systems:

  • All commercial refrigeration
  • Air conditioning and heating units inclusive of rooftop unite of all sizes
  • Low pressure steam and water boilers
  • All Package air handling units
  • All air and water systems
  • Control systems
  • Built up refrigeration systems


A sample of a Service Technician’s work that the employee must be qualified to perform is as follows:

  • All routine maintenance, repair and inspections regardless of size or location of the mechanical equipment being inspected or maintained such as:
    • HVACR System operations under contract with employee client base
    • Filter changing and maintenance thereof
    • Oil and greasing
    • Belt adjustment and replacement
    • Cleaning of cooling towers, coils, evaporator and condenser tubes and water treatment
    • Repairing and/or replacing system components including but not limited to:
      • Compressor Repair/Replacement
      • Motor Repair/Replacement
      • Coil Repair/Replacement
      • Duct work Repair/Replacement
      • Changing/Recovery/Recycle of system refrigerant
      • Electrical maintenance/repair of HVAC units
      • Electrical diagnosis of control system and HVAC power/electrical devices
    • Delivery and truck driving of parts or equipment
    • Chemical cleaning and routine maintenance of:
      • Units
      • Finned Coils
      • Coils
      • Heat Exchangers
      • Duct Systems
      • Drain Pans
      • Etc.


A Service Technician must have the physical ability to perform all duties noted above under the various conditions, circumstances and weather extremes found in mechanical equipment rooms, roof tops and buildings generally found in the NY Metro area. The Service Technician must be able to work, utilizing safety equipment, with a variety of chemical materials, refrigerant, cleaning solvents, oils, etc.


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